Prayer - each and every day is a new beginning, a fresh start and a new gift. To give our very first to our Lord God who gave us all of Him, even when we rejected Him, is the greatest gift, honour and privilege as we begin each day on our knees and understand the value of praying without ceasing throughout each day.

Our Values

As our day comes to a close we come before Him in gratitude for clearing our paths and getting us through all our obstacles, including those we do not see. It is our daily bread that we receive from heaven, our manna and we fall to our knees in desperation for Him because without Him we are lost. And as we release the very heart and word of the living God, in prayer and worship, the floodgates of Heaven are opened and His precious Holy Spirit rains upon us and cleanses us and makes us new.

Aside from Him there is no life.
Prayer is our lifeline to the Father and to His very breath that gives us life.
The very breath of God Almighty!

The very core of our ethos is that we would carry an integrity that represents an uprightness which reflects the character of God, and that His goodness becomes evident through the values, morals and ethics that He has instilled in us through His righteousness which we have inherited in Jesus Christ our saviour. In this, we would bring honour to Him and His work in and through us, and that we would continue to glorify Him and raise His name up high in all we do. In this way we will be ambassadors that represent Him well.


To achieve an understanding of the concept of grace, which is not a licence to live by our fleshly desires but which gives us the ability to overcome and be set free from sin and therefore to be transformed into the likeness of His image. Having said this, we also have to understand the patience and love of our saviour. Therefore, the very definition of grace to us would be: Giving people more than they deserve because that is the very thing He did for us. If we all got what we deserved then we wouldn’t have our saviour who lived without sin become sin so that we could escape a destiny of death and torment. He that was with no sin became sin so that we could be set free from it. Praise be to our Lord God Almighty, for He is so gracious and merciful. Freely we have received so freely we give!


Hope is not a guarantee of immunity from harm but a conviction that God is always present and that our lives and hope lie in Him. That is when we find ourselves at a place of rest and peace, knowing that He created the universe and all things in it, and that He is in control of our paths and outcomes if we give everything in surrender to Jesus, the hope of glory! Our hope and trust is in Him and only Him.


Our faith which is set in our Lord Jesus Christ enables us to trust Him in all things and not let any outside influences be a distraction or hindrance to His work. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but these things have no dominion over us because it is by His blood that we are cleansed and protected, and therefore His light overcomes the darkness, the very light that He has placed in us, for we are unshakable and unmovable in Him. Our faith is built on the foundation of His living word which we continue to grow in daily.


This means to love those who seem unlovable. We all have come to a place at some point in our lives where we have experienced the feeling of being unworthy of love, especially in our darkest hours. If only we had someone to tell us at that point in our lives that it would all be okay because Jesus loves us unconditionally that there was nothing we could possibly do to make Him love us more, or less. This is an incomprehensible love, which means that if we would just turn to Him, He would hold us tight and reveal His undying love for us. We as His body need to reflect His love and heart for the world around us.


In Him we would find a place of rest and peace, and by resting in His love, grace and joy, the very hope we carry would contain an ability to be anxious for nothing but in all things, through prayer and supplication, making our requests known to God, so that the peace which surpasses all understanding will guard our hearts and minds through Jesus Christ. For there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out all fear, because fear brings torment which robs us of peace. If we find ourselves in a fearful state of mind, then we simply haven’t found love.


Our Joy will be found in Him and not our circumstances, and we will rejoice in our truth and His finished works on the cross. We will live by the very word of the living God and not by what the world holds as high value, but by the value of our eternal destiny. We rejoice because this is a precious gift that is given to us by the Holy Spirit that might seem foolish to the world, but its reality is so evident in our lives.

In Daniel 10:10-14 Gabriel comes to deliver a message to Daniel communicating the delay in response to his prayer. We believe that if Daniel ceased praying the message would not have been delivered!