Featured Stories

Brian's Testimony

found Brian sitting in a corner at one of our Marabastad outreaches, unable to get food (provided by us) because he was being bumped. We prayed for him and Jesus healed him completely, but Brian had asked me what I had put on him searching my hands, thinking it was witchcraft, and found a black chord bracelet that I was wearing thinking that it must have had muti.

It was a bit of a challenge trying to make him understand that it was the name of Jesus that we prayed in, and he eventually accepted it, but he was still skeptical. Regardless he was running up and down screaming that he was healed and the other guys were telling him to settle down. While we were praising God for His move that night, we were celebrating, and just jumping up and down shouting the name of Jesus when one of the ladies on the team miss-stepped the curb and we heard a loud crunch, she fell to the floor screaming of pain.

At that point I asked Brian to lay his hands on her ankle and repeat after me a simple prayer in the name of Jesus. The most incredible thing happened after praying the second time, Jesus healed her ankle through Brian’s hands! I firmly believe this happened because God is faithful and didn’t allow any doubt to steal truth from Brian, because He loves him and was pursuing him.

This is the God I serve!

Shaun's Testimony

haun’s foot was broken and we found him sitting on the corner outside the church at Melchizedek looking very downcast and defeated.

So after just loving him and getting his story he told me that his foot was broken. We then prayed for his foot which was fully healed and restored, his broken bones were mended in my very hands at that moment.

He was in disbelief, so he went into the church to tell his testimony.